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Vibration Isolation

Vibrationsafdeling Gulv Væg Loft da
3.3 MB Download
Vibrationsafdeling Produktkatalog da
23.1 MB Download
Vibrationsafdeling Vibrationsdæmpende plader da
5.6 MB Download
Vibration department Floor Wall Ceiling en
3.3 MB Download
Vibration department ProductFolder en
23.3 MB Download
Vibration department Vibration Damping sheets en
5.6 MB Download

Audio and panel attenuation

Vibrationsafdeling Lyd og pladedæmpning da
3.9 MB Download
Vibration department Soundproofing and Sound absorption en
3.9 MB Download

Cases from Vibration Department

Flydende Gulve Grundfos da
874 KB Download
Vibrationsdaempning af hydraulikpumpe
568 KB Download
Vibrationsdæmpning af generatorer da
423 KB Download
Vibrationsdæmpning af Grundfos pumper da
1.1 MB Download
Vibrationsdæmpning af maskiner 1 da
501 KB Download
Vibrationsdæmpning af maskiner 2 da
589 KB Download

Audiometric sound room

IAC 40A Series Datasheet
381 KB Download
IAC 40Atc Series Datasheet
478 KB Download
IAC 120Act Series Datasheet
631 KB Download
IAC 120A Series Datasheet
528 KB Download
IAC 140A Series Datasheet
472 KB Download
IAC 160A Series Datasheet
543 KB Download
IAC 250 Series Mini Audiology Booth
1.1 MB Download
IAC 350 Series Maxi Audiology Booth
862 KB Download
IAC Audiology Facilities Brochure FULL
3.1 MB Download

Anechoic Chambers

IAC Acoustic Test Facilities
11.4 MB Download
IAC MAC Mini Anechoic Chamber
5.1 MB Download
IAC Mini Anechoic Chambers
3.4 MB Download

Rooms with special acoustic requirements

IAC Data Centres
1.7 MB Download
IAC Police interview Rooms
8.1 MB Download
IAC Securety Rooms
3.1 MB Download

Sound studios and control rooms

IAC Modular Studioes
1.8 MB Download
IAC MusicBox
2.3 MB Download

Panel systems and noise enclosures

IAC Moduline
949 KB Download
IAC Moduline Enclosures 2
679 KB Download
IAC NoiScreen
4.8 MB Download
IAC Noiselock 2 Datasheet
191 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 2 Hard Datasheet
173 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 3 Datasheet
174 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 4 Datasheet
174 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 5 Datasheet
174 KB Download
IAC Noishield Regular Datasheet
173 KB Download
IAC Access Line Enclosures
6.7 MB Download
IAC Noishield Hard Datasheet
173 KB Download


IAC Boiler and HRSG Silencers
1.1 MB Download
IAC Compressed Gas Silencers
2.4 MB Download
IAC Duct Silencers
10.1 MB Download
IAC Engine Exhaust Silencers
2.2 MB Download
IAC Large industrial silencers
1.6 MB Download
IAC Stack and Fluegas Silencers
1.7 MB Download
IAC Valve Silencers
916 KB Download

Noise screens

Absoflex Kontorsstoejskaerm Datablad
1.9 MB Download
IAC Acoustic Barrier
3.7 MB Download
IAC NoiScreen Mobile Acoustic Screen
4.8 MB Download
WAG Aluminium Barrier
6.4 MB Download
WAG Polymer Barrier
1.6 MB Download

Soundproof doors and sound rated windows

IAC Door Hardware Catalogue
3.5 MB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Doors
560 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Doors Installation Guide
1.1 MB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Windows
406 KB Download
IAC Super-Noise-Lock Doors
1.1 MB Download
Noise-Lock-D 50-Datasheet
136 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 52-Datasheet
134 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 53-Datasheet
135 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 59-Datasheet
134 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 63-Datasheet
129 KB Download
Noise-Lock W-47 Datasheet
406 KB Download
Noise-Lock W-50 Datasheet
351 KB Download
Noise-Lock W-53 Datasheet
408 KB Download
Noise-Lock W-55 Datasheet
369 KB Download
Super-Noise-Lock W-58 Datasheet
353 KB Download
Super-Noise-Lock W-60 Datasheet
386 KB Download
Super-Noise-Lock W-63 Datasheet
361 KB Download
Super-Noise-Lock W-65 Datasheet
377 KB Download
Super-Noise-Lock W-68 Datasheet
326 KB Download

Acoustic grates/Louvre

IAC Louvre 2LP Datatsheet
472 KB Download
IAC Louvre 2R Datasheet
475 KB Download
IAC Louvre Brochure
16.5 MB Download
IAC Louvre LP Datasheet
512 KB Download
IAC Louvre R Datasheet
420 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-100 Datasheet
418 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-150 Datasheet
451 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-300 Datasheet
437 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-600 Datasheet
474 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-V300L
287 KB Download
IAC Louvre SL-V300S
342 KB Download
WAG Letvægts Louvre
202 KB Download

Room acoustics

Absoflex Flex Datablad
1 MB Download
Absoflex Flex Montagevejledning
44 KB Download
Absoflex Industristøjskærm Datablad
370 KB Download
Absoflex Kontorsstøjskærm Datablad
1.9 MB Download
Absoflex Lydgardin Datablad
400 KB Download
Absoflex Lydgardin Montagevejledning
162 KB Download
IAC Absorbtion Systems
384 KB Download
IAC Datasheet RO-RO
1.3 MB Download
IAC Foliebaffel Type 1
1.1 MB Download
IAC Foliebaffel Type 2
2.6 MB Download
IAC Varitone Brochure
413 KB Download
Parafon Buller Bevel
439 KB Download
Parafon Classic
615 KB Download
Parafon Slugger
564 KB Download

Test facilities for aircraft and helicopters

IAC Aviation
1.6 MB Download
IAC Fli-Pod
497 KB Download

Jet Wake Barriers and Blast Barriers

IAC Aviation
1.6 MB Download

Cases from acoustics department

IAC Case DR Koncerthuset
1.1 MB Download
IAC Case Grundfos
888 KB Download
IAC Case Københavns Universitet Amager
617 KB Download
IAC Case Nye Akershus Sykehus
438 KB Download
IAC Case Radio 24syv
517 KB Download
IAC Cases Byggeri og arkitektur
1.1 MB Download
IAC Case Sennheiser Communications
555 KB Download
IAC Cases Forskning og undervisning
841 KB Download
IAC Cases Ind. Noise Control Food Production
838 KB Download
IAC Cases Industriel støjdæmpning
901 KB Download
IAC Cases Offshore og power
1.2 MB Download
IAC Cases Sygehuse og audiometri
551 KB Download
IAC Cases Test og R&D
603 KB Download
IAC Cases Test og Telecom
853 KB Download
IAC Case Study ARD Studio London
211 KB Download
IAC Case Study BBC Mailbox
324 KB Download
IAC Case Study College West Anglia
322 KB Download
IAC Case Study Copenhagen University
636 KB Download
IAC Case Study CPH Airport Blastwall
1.9 MB Download
IAC Case Study Dolby
1.6 MB Download
IAC Case Study Financial Times
336 KB Download
IAC Case Study Herning Hearing Clinic
733 KB Download
IAC Case Study IMG Studioes
162 KB Download
IAC Case Study Kobalt Music Group
319 KB Download
IAC Case Study Leeds RERF Centre
470 KB Download
IAC Case Study NBC Universal
1.6 MB Download
IAC Case Study Paregrine's Pianos
216 KB Download
IAC Case Study Powergate
1.6 MB Download
IAC Case Study Radio 27syv
453 KB Download
IAC Case Sydvest Jydsk Sygehus
623 KB Download

Terms and conditions

IAC Salgs- og leveringsbetingelser Materialesalg
116 KB Download
IAC Salgs- og leveringsbetingelser Projektsalg
127 KB Download
IAC Terms of Sale and Delivery Materials
106 KB Download
IAC Terms of Sale and Delivery Projects
974 KB Download

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