Stainless steel mounts

Stainless acid resistant anti-vibration mount for Marine and Off-Shore use. Stainless anti-vibration mounts are also used outdoors and in aggressive environments. Some types are supplied in a more UV resistant EPDM rubber or oil-resistant rubber CR.

Cylindrical Rubber Mounts AISI 316

Cylindrical rubber mounts can be used for sound absorption and isolating vibrations from stationary machinery such as fans, pumps, electric motors, transformers and compressors.


RAD Cylindrical Anti Vibration Rubber Mount in AISI 316

Stainless acid-proof metal insert with internal thread.


RADSL Waisted Anti Vibration Mount and AISI 316

Waisted so natural frequency can be tuned.


SDW Waisted Anti Vibration Mount in AISI 316

The waisted shape provides greater flexibility AISI 316


SD damper in AISI 304 & 316

Standard steel quality. AISI 316.

Anti Vibration Machine Foot AISI 316

Vikas machine foot in AISI 316 is widely used to reduce noise and vibrations from machine installations.


Machine Foot ADF-ADM-ADP 316

CR rubber, the spindle is also in AISI 316.

Sandwich mounts and rails in AISI 316

Sandwich mounts and rubber-metal rails provide noise and vibration isolation from larger stationary engine installations, such as blowers, fans, pumps, diesel aggregates and similar installations that are located in coastal areas and off-shore.


VIKAS AISI 316 Sandwich mount

HMA AISI 316 steel with colour-coded rubber.


VIKASH AISI 316 Sandwich mount

Covers a wide load range from 2-30 tonnes.


AISI316 rubber-metal rail

Rubber-metal rails with 1 or 2 metal rails.

Captive Anti Vibration Mount in AISI 316

Captive Anti Vibration Mounts from IAC are adapted to systems where required great isolation and stability are required. Can be used for engine mounts, pumps, compressors, marine facilities, mobile units and fans.


MARINE AISI316 Captive Mount

Engine mounting in AISI 316 for marine and on-shore use.


BRBX AISI 316 Captive Anti Vibration Mount

Available types: 50, 60, 70, 80, 110, 150, 180, 220.


BSB 316 Captive Rubber Anti Vibration Mount

Rubber buffers in AISI 316

Rubber buffers can be used for damping all kinds of falls, impacts, blows or shock from the cranes, carriages, closing and stop devices, etc. The buffers absorb the kinetic energy so that the shock is reduced upon impact.


Rubber Buffer GB in AISI 316

Rubber buffers with steel insert in AISI 316


Rubber Buffer GBC in AISI 316

Conical rubber buffer in AISI 316



Rubber buffer with suction base and blunt conical shape in AISI 316



A parabolic, a round and a cone buffer AISI 316

Rubber Turret Mount in AISI 316

The turret mount in AISI 316 can typically be used in off-shore installations, such as fans, pumps and compressors. Turret mounts provide good deflection and therefore provide excellent vibration isolation even at low rpms.


Rubber Turret Mount FAV in AISI 316

High flexibility and good vibration isolation.

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